ATV and Snowmobile Insurance

Your ATV and Snowmobile provide you with great enjoyment –  purchasing the right Insurance for your ATV or Snowmobile is a very important part to giving you peace of mind.  

Why Do You Need It

If you wish to drive your ORV/Snowmobile, even though it will not be on the road, you are required by law to purchase both an Off Road Vehicle Registration (Licence Plate) and Basic Autopac coverage. The policy is designed to stay in force for the entire year as you are only charged for use during the typical driving season. This does not prevent you from driving it outside the riding season, but you are not charged for this coverage. If you cancel this policy partway through the riding season (or after the riding season), you will not get a refund.

If you are driving on any “designated Snowman Trails” you also need to purchase a SnoPass, is shown by getting a special Snopass embossed licence plate. There is an additional cost, but it is purchased with your plate and registration.

Riding Season:

Snowmobile: December 1st to March 31st

Off Road Vehicle Motorcycles: May 1st to September 30th

ATV: January 1st to December 31st


An Off Road Vehicle designed or adapted to travel across land, water, ice, snow, marsh, swamp land or other natural terrain. It can have wheels or tracks and most commonly this would be a Snowmobile, ATV (Quads or Trikes), dirt bikes, and dune buggies.
For clarification the following types of vehicles are not considered ORV’s: Golf carts, garden or lawn tractors, infrastructure equipment and agricultural equipment.



How Much Coverage do you need?

Coverages are optional so you need to determine whether or not you want to purchase coverage and how much coverage you need for each type of coverage.

What’s Covered?

When you purchase the “Basic Autopac” coverage on a Snowmobile/Off Road Vehicle, the coverage cannot be compared to the coverage included with Basic Autopac on a vehicle.

Firstly, you do not get any coverage for All Perils, which means no Collision coverage and no Comprehensive Coverage. You can purchase each of these optionally but they are not included. With “Basic Autopac” there is no coverage if your snowmobile/Off Road Vehicle sustain any damage whatsoever.

Secondly, you can be sued for bodily injury and property damage, if you are at fault (or accused at fault). This is very difficult from an accident in a vehicle, where you cannot be sued (and cannot sue someone) if you have bodily injury.

Thirdly, you cannot collect and there is NO COVERAGE under Personal Injury Protection Plan (P.I.P.P.) to cover you or your passengers, if injured in an accident. You can purchase Accident Benefits as an optional coverage.


All Perils (Owned Vehicle)

There is no coverage for All Perils which means no coverage for Collision or Comprehensive which is included with the “Basic Autopac”. You can purchase optional coverage to cover Collision and/or Comprehensive coverage.

If you purchase the optional All Perils coverage, you are insured for snowmobiles and off road vehicles up to $50,000 limit.

Collision Deductible

Collision coverage in OPTIONAL and not included

Did you know – you do not have to purchase optional coverage though Autopac. Many customers save money with Got Toys Insurance. We represent Got Toys Insurance and can provide you an alternative quote – see Got Toys Insurance Section

Choosing the Right Deductible for you…

Type of Claim Snowmobile/ORV Comprehensive Deductible
Basic Autopac Autopac Extension Optional Deductible Packages
Deductible N/A $500 $200
Collision or Upset, Fire, Hail, Lightning and theft of vehicle parts $500 $200
Glass Replacement $500 $200
Theft or Attempted Theft of Vehicle $500 $200
Vandalism $500 $200


Accident Benefits

You do not get Accident Benefits included with the Basic Autopac. This is an OPTIONAL coverage, but it’s very important to understand why you in most cases would want to purchase this coverage.

If you are injured in a snowmobile/Off Road Vehicle accident, you can sue the At fault party for bodily injury, however there a number of important things to consider. You or the person who was driving your Snowmobile/Off Road Vehicle may be the one who is at fault, in which case you could not collect anything for your injury. You could be in a position where you can’t work for the rest of your life, where you need 24/7 attendant to care for you (such as a paraplegic). Think about the worst case scenario.


Accident Benefits would provide coverage for injury to you, the person driving your Snowmobile/Off Road vehicle and any passenger of the Snowmobile/Off Road vehicle. Even if the other party is at fault for the accident, it will take time before you could sue them and be awarded damages and until that time, if you had no accident benefits coverage, you would not be entitled to payment for your injuries or losses.

Reider Insurance recommends that everyone purchase Accident Benefits coverage.




Bodily Injury – Unlike vehicles, if someone is injured in a snowmobile/off road vehicle accident, they can sue you for bodily injury or pain and suffering, if you are at fault or accused of being at fault.

            Damage to Property Owned by Others – covers for your personal liability, if you cause property damage to another party’s “Property”. If you have an accident and hit another person’s vehicle, house, garage, etc., this will pay for this damage.

If you are sued as a result of your snowmobile/off road vehicle ownership, the liability will cover the costs of defense, regardless of whether you are ultimately held at fault.

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*  Please note all types of policies have exclusions, conditions and limitations.  This information is not intended to be a full explanation of coverages and in all cases the wording of the actual insurance policy will apply.