Got Toys Insurance

Got toys provides an alternative to purchasing your extension coverage through Manitoba Public Insurance – Autopac.

Why Do You Need It

Basic Autopac, does not provide any coverage for physical damage to Snowmobiles or ATVs.   We find that it is usually less expensive to purchase a policy through Got Toys Insurance, than through Autopac Extension coverage, for drivers who have a good driving record and no claims/convictions over the past 5 years.

Reider Insurance can provide a policy through Got Toys or Autopac, we can work out quotes with both, to determine which is the best fit, for your needs. In addition there are higher deductible limits and optional coverages available, that are not provided by Autopac.

In addition, Got Toys offers the OPTION of having replacement cost coverage for the first 24 months, which is not offered by Autopac.


Snowmobiles, ATV’s and Trail Bikes can be insured under Got Toys Insurance Policy. You still purchase the “Basic Autopac” coverage through Autopac and purchase a separate policy, through Got Toys Insurance.

In order to qualify for coverage, Reider Insurance will need to inspect the Snowmobile/ATV or Trail Bike, when purchased. If you previously had the unit insured (with the same insurance being applied for) and insurance has not expired, the inspection requirement can be waived.   If purchased NEW or USED from a dealer the inspection can be waived if insurance is purchased within 10 days of possession date (must state possession date on bill of sale if different from purchase date).



You qualify for a discount if you are a member of any of the clubs below:

If you have purchased a SnoPass (that allows you to go on groomed trails), and/or if you are a member of any of the Manitoba Snowmobile Clubs that are part of SnoMan (see list – 5% Snowman/Snopass Discount

if you are a member of Interlake Off Road Club (see ) – 10% Discount on ATV’s only

If you are a member of any of the ATV Manitoba Clubs – ATVMB (see list – 10% Discount on ATV’s only

If you are a member of the Manitoba Motorcross Association (see ) – 5% Discount Sled and Trailer Bikes only

Additional Discounts

In addition, discounts are provided for:

Having an immobilizer or Spot Trace tracking device (to prevent theft) – 5%Discount

Age 50 + – 10% Discount

Safety Training Course from Canadian Safety Counsel (AQCC/CASI) – 5% Discount

Claims/Convictions within past 3 years – Surcharges apply

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

With the Got Toys Insurance program, you get to choose your limit of insurance based on your needs. Whether you purchase your policy though Autopac or through Got Toys, coverage is provided on an Actual Cash Value basis. This means that the unit will be based on the depreciated value (ie. What would it be worth if you were selling (or purchasing) the snowmobile/ATV on a used basis?). Usually, claims would be paid based on the cost to repair the damage, however the insurance company can instead just payout the actual cash value at their discretion (and usually based on the less costly of the two options). The maximum the insurance company would be based on the depreciated value or if the limit of insurance that you select is under this actual cash value, then the maximum you will get is the limit of insurance.  

It’s a good idea to choose a limit of insurance that meets your needs with limits ranging from $2,500 and up (and purchased in increments of $500. Example $3,000, $3,500, $4,000, etc.) It is less expensive to insure a lower limit, so this needs to be balanced with having enough limit in the event of a claim.

Replacement Cost (First 24 months)

There is an OPTIONAL replacement cost coverage that can be purchased. With this coverage, the insurance company would have the option to either repair damage or pay for the cost to replace Snowmobile/ATV (based on the purchase price of the Snowmobile/ATV). Coverage would revert (go back to) Actual Cash Value coverage once the ORV/Snowmobile is over 24 months old.

In order to qualify for Replacement Cost:

ORV/Snowmobile must be purchased brand NEW from an Off Road Vehicle Dealer.

Policy must be purchased within 90 days of the delivery date.

Must be insured to 100% of the original purchase price including all accessories, modifications, and taxes (before any trade in or deposits) but not including warranty, administration fees, finance fees or other insurance.

If this coverage is purchased, then during the first 24 months period, the ORV/Snowmobile will be insured on a replacement cost basis (a total loss settlement would be based on the purchase price of the ORV/Snowmobile). The insurance company would have the option to repair or replace the snowmobile.

After the 24 months is completed, the coverage would revert back to Actual cash Value, so it’s important to remember at that time to reduce the limit of coverage.


What’s Covered?

You would purchase optional coverages on the Got Toys Insurance policy instead of with your Autopac policy.

Choosing the Right Deductible for you…

Type of Claim Snowmobile/ORV Collision Deductible
Basic Autopac Autopac Extension Optional Deductible Packages Separate Got Toys Policy Optional Coverage Deductible Options
Collision Deductible: Snowmobile/ORV N/A $500 $200 $1,000 $500
Collision or Upset $500 $200 $1,000 $500
Collision with Wild Animals $500 $200 $1,000 $500
Glass Repair $500 $200 $1,000 $500


Type of Claim Snowmobile/ORV Comprehensive Deductible
Basic Autopac Autopac Extension Optional Deductible Packages Separate Got Toys Policy Optional Coverage Deductible Options
Collision Deductible: Snowmobile/ORV N/A $500 $200 $1,000 $500
Fire, Hail, Lightning, or Theft of Vehicle Parts $500 $200 $1,000 $500
Glass Replacement $500 $200 $1,000 $500
Theft or Attempted Theft of Vehicle $500 $200 $1,000 $500
Vandalism $500 $200 $1,000 $500


Storage Lay Up Coverage

Coverage would be purchased annually, and would provide coverage if the unit is driven, however it will also extend coverage to the unit while not being used.

Accident Benefits

You do not get Accident Benefits included with the Basic Autopac. Got Toys Insurance offers this as an OPTIONAL coverage, but it’s very important to understand why you in most cases would want to purchase this coverage.

If you are injured in a snowmobile/Off Road Vehicle accident, you can sue the At fault party for bodily injury, however there a number of important things to consider. You or the person who was driving your Snowmobile/Off Road Vehicle may be the one who is at fault, in which case you could not collect anything for your injury. You could be in a position where you can’t work for the rest of your life, where you need 24/7 attendant to care for you (such as a paraplegic). Think about the worst case scenario.

Accident Benefits would provide coverage for injury to you, the person driving your Snowmobile/Off Road Vehicle and any passenger of the Snowmobile/Off Road Vehicle. Even if the other party is at fault for the accident, it will take time before you could sue them and be awarded damages and until that time, if you had no accident benefits coverage, you would not be entitled to payment for your injuries or losses.

Reider Insurance recommends that everyone purchase Accident Benefits coverage.




Basic Autopac for Snowmobile and Off Road Vehicles will include $500,000.

Reider Insurance recommends that clients purchase a minimum of $5,000,000 Liability. You can be sued for bodily injury with a snowmobile/off road vehicle, which is different than with a passenger vehicle, so it’s extremely important to purchase the highest limits available.


Type of Vehicle
Basic Autopac Liability Limit Autopac Extension Optional Deductible Packages Separate Got Toys Policy Optional Coverage Deductible Options
Snowmobiles & ORV $500,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000
$2,000,000 $2,000,000

*If you select the $5 million option, you will need to pay for the liability through Autopac.


Liability – Underinsured Motorist

Liability includes coverage for Non-Insured Motorist. This coverage is designed for a situation where the other party is at fault for the accident but they either do not have liability insurance coverage or they carry a lower limit of liability coverage than you do on your Snowmobile/ORV. This coverage will allow you to claim as if the other party had the limit of insurance that you have on your Snowmobile/ORV.

For example, if you have $5,000,000 liability on your Snowmobile and the other party has no insurance, your policy will provide up to $5,000,000 coverage, however if the other party has $500,000 coverage, your policy will provide up to an additional $4,500,000.

Rider Plus

OPTIONAL Package provides coverage for:


Type of Vehicle
Included with All Got Toys Policies Optional Got Toys Rider Plus Endorsement
Equipment (Riding Gear) No Coverage $1,000
Truck Decks and Trailers (if not insured under Autopac) $1,000 $5,000
Search & Rescue (reimburse costs charged for incident in provincial emergency search and rescue program) No Coverage $25,000
Lock Re-keying (or replace coded key and tether for immobilizer or re-code) No Coverage $1,000
Travel Protection (reimburse additional expenses incurred as a result of physical damage loss) No Coverage $1,000
To Qualify, must have All Perils or Comprehensive coverage through Got Toys.

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*  Please note all types of policies have exclusions, conditions and limitations.  This information is not intended to be a full explanation of coverages and in all cases the wording of the actual insurance policy will apply.