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Why Do You Need It

This policy can provide (Stated) Agreed Value Coverage – which basically means that they will guarantee the amount that you get paid in the event of a total loss, based on a pre-agreed value – which is determined and agreed upon at the time of purchasing the policy. An appraisal is not required to get this coverage. You would purchase your “Basic Autopac” coverage from Autopac and purchase a separate policy through Hagerty


Cars, Light Pickups, Jeep, SUV, Fire Trucks and Military Vehicles can be insured under Hagerty Insurance Canada program. You purchase the “Basic Autopac” coverage through Autopac and purchase a separate policy through Hagerty Insurance Canada

In order to qualify for this coverage,

Value must be $3,500 or more

Vehicle can be either Stock, Modified or a Replica

Vehicle can either be plated as Antique, Collector or Autopac Pleasure Use or if in storage no plate or registration is needed.

Applicant must have 10 or more years of driving experience and with no serious driving infractions within last 3 years (ie. alcohol related offences, reckless driving, excessive speed violations (you may still qualify if you had 1 or 2 minor accident/violations).

The vehicle can be used for club functions, exhibitions, organized meets, tours and leisure use including occasional pleasure use driving but cannot be your daily driver.

Maximum of 8000 kilometres (4960 miles) per year.

Coverage is based on excess of any plate coverage provided by the Autopac policy.

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

The amount of coverage would be the amount pre-agreed to at the time of purchasing the coverage and in the event of a total loss, this is the amount that would be paid out. Hagerty has a lot of information about pricing and antique vehicles sales throughout North America, and we can look up and help you determine how much coverage to select.

There is no appraisal required, however if you have Collector plates, you would need the Autopac appraisal done to get these.

What’s Covered?

You would purchase optional coverages on the Hagerty Policy instead of with your Autopac policy, so you can purchase lower deductibles, higher liability, loss of use and the optional agreed value coverage.

Storage Lay Up Coverage

The extension coverage will automatically provide storage coverage when the vehicle is not being driven. When the vehicle is being driven and Basic Autopac is provided for the vehicle, the Hagerty policy ONLY provides payment for any amount that is over and above the Basic Autopac coverage. If the vehicle goes into storage, the Basic Autopac policy can be cancelled and the Hagerty policy will automatically provide storage insurance but since no amount would be paid out by the Basic Autopac policy when cancelled, Hagerty will pay the total cost of the entire claim (up to the limits of insurance).


When purchasing a storage lay-up policy through Autopac, it does not provide Collision coverage, however the Hagerty policy will provide this coverage – as long as they have approved where you are storing the vehicle (for example a hit and run third party hits the vehicle that is stored in your driveway). The Hagerty policy will pay for the entire cost of the damages as long as your vehicle was not being driven at the time.

Loss of Use

This coverage is not available for Hagerty, however you can purchase a Hagerty policy and would still be allowed to purchase Loss of Use on the Autopac Policy.

You may not need loss of use if this is a vehicle you don’t regularly use.

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*  Please note all types of policies have exclusions, conditions and limitations.  This information is not intended to be a full explanation of coverages and in all cases the wording of the actual insurance policy will apply.