Two people could debate endlessly about the merits and drawbacks of having a public auto insurer. One thing that isn’t up for debate – having only one insurance provider for vehicles in Manitoba makes getting information pretty simple. There’s only one option!


So it goes with the types of off-road vehicles that can be insured. MPI’s page on registering your off-road vehicle provides us with a road map (or should I say off-road map) for the vehicles you can insure. Snowmobiles are fine, as are ATVs. Snow bikes (dirt bikes modified for snow) would also pass the sniff test. Your winterized golf cart, on the other hand, isn’t going to be insurable (but we do hope you enjoy your games of snow golf).


Registering your winter vehicle

The guide we linked to above explains the process of registering winter vehicles – rules about needing to be 16 or older, getting off-road vehicle (ORV) licence plates – that sort of thing. What it doesn’t describe is what kind of insurance registering your winter ORV provides you with.


Winter ORV insurance

When you register your winter ORV with MPI, you get $500,000 of third-party liability insurance. That means that if you collide your snowmobile into a person and/or their property, you have $500,000 of protection for claims they may make against you. 


This insurance is quite a bit worse than standard motor vehicle insurance – it doesn’t cover you for damage or theft to your ORV. What’s more, you’re not covered for your own injuries – fortunately, coverage for these things can be purchased: 


Extended winter ORV coverage

There are basically 4 different types of extended coverage for snowmobiles and other winter ORVs offered by MPI:

  • Accident benefits
  • Third-party liability plus
  • Collision protection
  • Comprehensive protection


Accident benefits

Accidents happen – and when you’re driving an ORV in the winter, those accidents can happen without being the result of a collision with another motorist. Accident benefits help you pay costs associated with injuries resulting from the operation of your winter ORV – even injuries resulting from getting on or off your vehicle.


Third-party liability plus

This insurance increases the standard $500,000 liability insurance provided when you register your ORV. You can increase your liability coverage to $1 million, $2 million, or $5 million.


Collision protection

As you can probably guess, collision insurance covers for – well, collision! That could mean collision with another ORV, with a tree, or with any number of other things. With this coverage, you choose between a $200 and $500 deductible.


Comprehensive protection

There are, unfortunately, folks who like to steal other people’s snowmobiles. Collision protection doesn’t cover for this, but comprehensive protection does – as well as vandalism, hail, and other non-collision damage. Again, the deductible is between $200 and $500.


Interested in any of these coverages for your winter ORV, or have any questions about registration and standard coverage? Get in touch with us! We can also help you with winter insurance for automobiles in Winnipeg.