On September 26, 2019, Reider Insurance participated in the Huntington Indy Go-Kart Race to raise money for the Huntington Society of Canada.  Reider Racers raised over $3,500 this year. Reider has been participating for over 15 years and during this time, are very happy to have raised over $40,000 towards this great cause.


Huntington’s disease is a hereditary disease that affects the brain. Mutant proteins begin to cause different parts of the brain to die, affecting emotions, cognition, and motor skills. 1 in 7000 Canadians has the disease, while 1 in 5500 are at risk for the disease. There is no known cure for the disease yet, and there are no drugs available to slow the progress of the disease, though some drugs can reduce its symptoms.


The Huntington Society works on two fronts: The first is to support medical research in techniques or drugs that might delay the progress of the disease, or, better yet, cure it. The second is to provide counselling and emotional support to those who have the disease and to their families. They also work with health and social professionals to help them understand the unique struggles faced by those who have been diagnosed with Huntington’s and those who are at risk of the disease (anyone with parents who have it).


As insurance brokers, we’re deeply concerned with the safety and well-being of all Canadians.  We want to support the Canadians who have the disease because of our firm belief that every Canadian deserves a fulfilling, happy, healthy life.


There are many reasons to have hope and to keep working towards this great cause. There are some promising experimental treatments and people with the disease can live long, happy lives as onset is slow. There are also many ways, from drugs to environments, to reduce the symptoms of the disease. 


Reider Insurance is one of the insurance agencies in Winnipeg that can help you with property insurance, from Autopac to home insurance, as well as business and travel insurance. We are happy to support the Huntington Society to fund research and understanding of a cause near and dear to our hearts. We will continue to fundraise for the society, and we hope that, with the incredible advances in medical technology and neuroscience we’ve seen over the past couple of decades, the disease will soon be cured.