Rental Vehicle Insurance

Why Do You Need It

If you are renting a vehicle, you can purchase coverage through Autopac – Manitoba Public Insurance. This coverage is significantly less expensive than purchasing from the rental car company. In addition it provides better coverage then provided by the damage waiver provided by the rental companies and coverage included with some credit cards.
It’s important to note that if you are renting a large van (over 11 seats including the driver seat) or a motorhome, this policy will not provide coverage, however we can sell you a policy through MPI – Special Risk Extension, however this policy requires some time to get done and we suggest contacting us a minimum of 1 week prior to the trip to complete an application and we will get a rate for you.

When you purchase “Basic Autopac” coverage on your vehicle there is NO COVERAGE for either liability or physical damage to the vehicle you rent.

If you purchased optional extension liability limits (ie. $1 million, $2 million, $5 million, $7 million, $10 million), then liability coverage MAY extend to the rental vehicle, however there is still NO COVERAGE physical damage to vehicle you rent.


Why not purchase coverage from the rental vehicle company?

Autopac – Rental Car Insurance is LESS EXPENSIVE than coverage from rental car companies and provides BETTER COVERAGE.

Many rental car companies provide optional coverage for physical damage that occurs to the rental vehicle. These policies usually do not provide liability coverage – just what they call damage waiver or collision waiver coverage, however this coverage is significantly more expensive.


Won’t my Credit Card Cover me?

Autopac Rental Vehicle Insurance provides better coverage then the credit card companies and we recommend purchasing this policy to ensure peace of mind.

Credit Card Coverage can be misleading and there are some important things to know about the coverage provided.


They ONLY provide physical damage coverage to the vehicle you rent.

We recommend reading the credit card company policy conditions carefully. Did you know that many credit card companies will not provide coverage if you break the rental agreement? Some examples of this could be:

Dangerous Driving (5 kms over the speed limit)

Not being authorized to drive the vehicle

Not wearing a seatbelt

Mistakenly going through a stop sign

Leaving the vehicle unlocked or the windows open

Someone driving other than the drivers listed on the contract


Autopac Rental Vehicle Insurance provides coverage for cars, light pickups, motorcycles and mopeds.

Vehicle can be driven ANYWHERE in Canada or the USA regardless of where the vehicle was picked up from

Coverage periods from 3 – 90 Days are available

Covers more than damage waivers and credit cards

In order to purchase this coverage from Autopac, you must be a Manitoba resident with a valid driver’s licence, however the policy will provide coverage for anyone who is driving the vehicle (ie. Non Manitoban’s) provided the driver has your permission to drive the vehicle and has have a driver’s licence.



What’s Covered?

All Perils (Rental or Borrowed Vehicle)

All Perils includes both Collision and Comprehensive Coverage (ie. Fire, Theft, Vandalism, Glass, etc.)

The maximum amount payable for the damage to the vehicle that you have rented is $100,000


$100 Deductible will apply to any losses under the policy.

Loss of Use

If the rented/borrowed vehicle is damaged and can’t be driven, coverage will be provided to rent a replacement vehicle for the remainder of your trip (up to the rental vehicle policy expiry date). In addition, coverage is provided for “down-time” charges assessed to you. This means that if the vehicle needs to be repaired and for example it takes a week, the rental car company will charge you for renting the vehicle for that period of time, as they cannot rent it to others.

The policy provides coverage up to a daily limit of $39.02 per day to a maximum of $1,170.60.


Includes $10,000,000 (CAD) Liability



Rental Vehicle Insurance cost is based on where you rent (ie. pick up) the vehicle from, but you are covered ANYWHERE you drive in Canada or the USA

Manitoba: $2 per day

Canada: $4 per day

USA: $5 per day

A $15.00 policy fee and a minimum of 3 days premium applies to each Rental Vehicle Insurance policy


How to Purchase

Drop by any of our offices prior to your trip and purchase the insurance

You can send someone to purchase on your behalf – but they will NEED a signed authorization form – see authorization form

If you are paying by credit card, you can fax or email us an authorization form (allowing Reider Insurance to sign on your behalf). If you are at the rental car counter and forgot, it’s a good idea to call us to make sure that we get it done right away and send it back to you. Never drive the vehicle until you have the rental vehicle insurance policy issued. – see authorization form

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*  Please note all types of policies have exclusions, conditions and limitations.  This information is not intended to be a full explanation of coverages and in all cases the wording of the actual insurance policy will apply.