A man with a shovel removes snow. Cleaning the territory in winter It’s Winnipeg. Clearing snow from your driveway, sidewalks, and car several times a season – often in -40℃ weather – is a given. It might even be seen as a rite of passage for newcomers. We’re so used to doing it, in fact, that many of us never give snow removal a second thought: take out your shovel or snowblower, and get to work.

If that sounds like you, we’re glad you’re reading this. Snow and ice removal are an essential part of homeownership – it’s your responsibility to keep your property safe. We’re going to give you a few tips to help you expedite the snow removal process, so you can get back inside with a hot cup of cocoa as soon as possible. 


Tarps are your friend

If you know it’s going to snow, you can use tarps to cover your car, driveway, and sidewalks, then move those tarps and dump the snow on your lawn once snowfall has ended. This strategy won’t work if we’re in for a lot of snow overnight, but for small flurries, a tarp can save you a lot of shovelling. Tarps are really effective on cars in pretty much all circumstances, however – you’ll have to brush off a lot less snow from your windshield. 


Get better shovels

For those of us who don’t have snow blowers, getting better shovels can make snow removal much easier. There are a few ways you can go about this:

First, you can do some at-home upgrades of your existing shovels. You can apply cooking oil to your shovel so that wet snow doesn’t stick – that makes the whole process a lot less strenuous.

You can also buy an extra handle for your shovel – attach it near the midway point of your shovel’s shaft and you’ll get a lot of extra power when lifting your shovel. As a bonus, these attachments can be used on rakes and other gardening tools, too – that makes them useful for all seasons.

Finally, consider buying a high-quality, ergonomic shovel to replace your old shovel.


Schedule your snow clearing

There are times when snowfall seems never-ending – flurries last for hours, and the forecast predicts that the snow will fall on and off for a week.

You might feel daunted at times like this –  shovelling a week’s worth of snow takes a Herculean effort. To make things easier on yourself, opt to shovel snow every couple of hours when regular snowfall is occurring. You’ll wind up spending less time outside because the snow will take less effort to remove when you’re clearing smaller amounts. 


Remember to de-ice

Whether you’re using de-icing salts or you opt to put out heated pads on your staircase, de-icing is an important part of homeownership, and one of the best ways to prevent slip and fall accidents. De-ice every time you’ve finished clearing snow.


Update your home insurance

While we’re on the topic of snow removal, we thought we’d mention the importance of liability coverage. Your home insurance should come with enough liability coverage to protect you in the event of an accident on your property. Want to review your existing coverage? Looking for new coverage? Find a Reider Insurance location near you, visit us, and we’ll help ensure you have enough liability coverage.